Monday, November 14, 2011

I don't trust my father anymore?

After me and my dad came from the bank I had left my money on my dresser in a evenolope that had my name in it. I was looking fo rit this moring and my dad had said he had it. I got so mad. I think he's trying to tak emy money and he's the overseer of my savings account at Wachovia.

How do I make my roots less noticeable?

I dyed my hair over the summer. Now, my mom won't let me dye it back to its original color, and my roots are starting to grow in. My original hair color is black and I dyed it burgundy. How do i make my roots less obvious?

Has anyone ever heard of a fuel additive called Ca40g??

I hear it's supposed to increase gas mileage by 10% or better and reduce emissions... it started somewhere in Minnesota, I know a lot of farmers are have been using it with great results. Anyone heard?

What is the terrain like in Sacramento?

Is it totally flat, or are there any hills? Any kind of biking/hiking trails around the city? I know the coast mountains are close, and the Sierras are about an hour away. I'm looking at a job there, just wondering. Thanks

Getting ready to do you think Yahoo could improve the "Reporting System"?

The biggest problem I see with the system is I think there needs to be more investigation into the things that get reported. Someone recently suggested that the asker be the only one allowed to report answers. I think that would be a good idea.

Read dis thing and give some advice!!?!?

Darling it is interesting to hear about young love because i am married and not very young and I thing that I miss that sweet stuff even I know that I love my husband more than ever.Why you are not just honnest with him.tell him everything you feel because you are not lousing enything you just can get something.Even if you thing that you are ****** you will know what kind of a person he is.

Hot baths?

i take one every night im 36 weeks pregnant. i DO NOT submerge my belly at all i dont even let it touch my belly at all i normally lean back for the heat on my legs and back that shoundt hurt my baby should it?